Friday, September 3, 2010

S.Wells AKA LiquidXLead

  LiquidXLead was THE reason i began drawing the female form and experimenting with color.  Before 11th grade, i didnt draw anything but guys.  Feminine guys like Sephiroth, Link, Cloud ect, but men none the less. I also never bothered coloring my drawings.  I loved the way color looked, but i never actually wanted to see what it was capable of producing.  Normally if i had stumbled on a nude art gallery, id hit the back button as fast as possible.  But Wells' art had the exact opposite effect on me.  I was so intrigued by his use of colors. It was so vibrant and alive.  Just as fascinating as his coloring was his use of perspective.  When i was in high school, i was extremely timid and modest.  I didnt like looking at myself nude, let alone anyone else.  But the way he drew bodys were so fluid and exaggerated.  Many artist i liked drew exaggerated features like Eyes and breasts.  But LiquidXLead introduced me to thick legs, or a soft stomach.  His subjects didnt all have a size zero waste and a Z cup.  His subjects, i felt like, reflected more on the modern woman and honored them.  It really opened my eyes that its ok to draw rounder women and still represent them as sexy.

    The first five are colored with crayons.  I thought the lime and yellow colors could reproduce the same amount of vibrance his Wells' drawings had.  These are from 12th grade:

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